Business Insurance

  • Business Operator Policy

    • This coverage protects you in case of injury to someone who is not part of your business (ex. someone falls due to wet floors, they can sue you for not having a sign up)
    • Protect you from robbery loses, or if something happens to operational equipment of the business as well.
    • Protection of the structure of the building for the building owner

  • Commercial Auto

    • TAXI, shuttle, delivery vehicles or any vehicles used to operate a business.

  • Workers Compensation

    • For workers to be protected. If a worker gets hurt from an accident at the workplace, it helps to cover the expenses needed for the worker to heal.

  • Umbrella Commercial:

    • Provides an extra layer of protection against bodily injury and/or property damage. Essentially, it picks up where your business auto liability, general liability or other liability coverage stops.
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